How to Help

1. Donate! You can contribute to the legal costs of the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute (EPNI, the plaintiff in the court case) at You can also donate to two Little Earth programs in need at (for the Red Bears Youth Athletic Program) and (make sure to specify in your donation notes: "For the Coffee Hour program").

2. If you are an artist or musician, sign & share this open letter showing your support for East Phillips and opposition to demolition:

3. Call Senator Dibble (651-296-4191) and Senator Dziedzic (651-296-7809) and ask them to:
1) Allocate $150 million of Economic Redevelopment Funding for EPNI to buy the Roof Depot warehouse, and convert it into an indoor Urban Farm and community hub; and
2) Revoke zoning permits for Bituminous Roadways and Smith Foundry, two existing polluters in East Phillips.

4. Submit a TESTIMONIAL about why you believe it's necessary to defend Nenoocaasi Camp (the Roof Depot) from demolition! Send these to us directly at or on Instagram @defendthedepot. (You can also email or DM us with any questions you have, or with specific offerings of support!)

5. Educate yourself & others on the struggle against demolition!
Check out our "Library" website page for resources, which we encourage you to share with as many friends and neighbors as you can.

6. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter at @defendthedepot, and check our "Updates" website page regularly for calls to action and upcoming events,
including a campaign to contact Rachel Contracting to pressure them to drop the demolition contract.